Northern Iraq | Stevie Lujan

"Hey, are you tired, are you thirsty? Come along and see. Bring your penniless bags cause these drinks are free. The milk and the honey,...

The Power of One | Andy Byrd

"The greatest force in all of human history, is one believer who believes that God lives inside of them.... the strategy's always been millions...

Preemptive Love | Jeremy Courtney

Jeremy Courtney co-founder of the Preemptive Love Coalition, lives and serves in war-torn Iraq. He brings a challenging message highlighting the example Jesus gave us to love preemptively.

Mission Entrepreneurs | Randy Friesen

Mission entrepeneurs take risks, stop, turn, and engage where others walk away! Be challenged, inspired, and activated by this message from Randy Friesen on the...

Old Testament Story | Rikk Watts

Heralding from Regent College in Vancouver, Rikk Watts is widely recognised as one on the top bible scholars in the world. We were fortunate...

Learning How to Hope | Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd lead pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri shares his thoughts on Advent and 'Learning How to Hope'

We Need Some Crazy Christians | Rev Michael Curry

Don't let the flowing robe and shaky camerawork throw you off, this is 18 minutes of pure gold from Rev. Michael Curry, the first African American bishop of the Episcopal Church in the USA.

New Testament Story | Rikk Watts

Check out the second session that biblical powerhouse Rikk Watts gave at Festival One 2015 (NZ). Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, put...

Crossing the Line | Andy Byrd

An inspiring message from Andy Byrd filmed during the ‪GOFest Sydney youth night

Healing the Gospel | Fred Markert

Ready for more Fred? We really love this guy and can't help ourselves but to share this message with you. Listen, laugh, be informed, be...

God’s On The Move | Fred Markert

Fred, Fred, Fred. What can we say? We really love this guy! Listen, laugh, be informed, be inspired as Fred paints a global picture of God's kingdom coming in unexpected ways and places.

Get Off the Air Hose

Another great ‪GOFest Sydney‬ message from Loren about the dynamic spread of the Good News all over the planet. Watch and be challenged,inspired, activated, all of the above.

The Word Transforms Nations

Master storyteller and founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham, kicks off ‪GOFest Sydney‬ with a power-packed message about how the written and Living Word has brought transformation to...